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Apartment Kifissia Ι

studio kifissia nkareliotis 5.jpg

Studio Kifissia 

Marousi Apartment 2 nkareliotis 3.jpg

Apartment Marousi Ι

Apartment Marousi 4 nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment Marousi ΙΙΙ

Apartment Kolonaki nkarleiotis 5.jpg

Apartment Kolonaki Ι

Apartment Kolonaki 4 nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment Kolonaki ΙΙΙ

Apartment Kolonaki 8 nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment Kolonaki V

Maisonette Kolonaki nkareliotis.jpg

Maisonette Kolonaki

Office Kolonaki nkareliotis.jpg

Kolonaki Voukourestiou St. Office

Apartment Penteli nkareliotis 4.jpg

Villa Penteli

Apartment Ag Paraskeui 3 nkareliotis 3.j

Apartment Ag.Paraskevi ΙΙ

Apartment Akadhmia nkareliotis 4.jpg

Apartment Athens Akadimia Ι

Maisonette Lykabitos nkareliotis  2.jpg

Maisonette Lycabettus

Apartment Hilton nkareliotis 6.jpg

Apartment Hilton

Apartment Psirri 2 nkareliotis 3.jpg

Apartment Psirri ΙΙ

Apartment Suntagma nkareliotis 2.jpg

Apartment Syntagma

Maisonette Rafina nkareliotis 3.jpg

Maisonette Rafina

Apartment N.Eruthraia nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment N.Erythraia

House Gerakas nkareliotis 2.jpg

Pool House Gerakas

Building Patision nkareliotis 6.jpg

Patission Building

Apartment Xolargos nkareliotis 2.jpg

Apartment Holargos

Apartment Kefalari 2 nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment Kefalari ΙΙ

mezoneta voula nkareliotis 8

Maisonette Voula

apartment varkiza nkareliotis

Detached House Varkiza

House Saronida Panorama nkareliotis

House Saronida Panorama

House Vouliagmeni nkareliotis 1.jpg

House Vouliagmeni

Pedion Areos nkareliotis 2.jpg

Maisonette Pedion Areos

Apartment kifisia 3 nkareliotis 5.jpg

Apartment Kifissia  ΙΙ

house glyfada central nkareliotis.jpeg

House Glyfada

Apartment Marousi 3 nkareliotis 8.jpg

Apartment Marousi ΙΙ

Apartment Marousi 5 nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment Marousi ΙV

Apartment Kolonaki 3 nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment Kolonaki ΙΙ

Apartment Kolonaki 7 nkareliotis 5.jpg

Apartment Kolonaki ΙV

Apartment kolonaki 9 nkareliotis 6.jpg

Apartment Kolonaki VI

House kolonaki nkareliotis4.jpg

House Kolonaki

Apartment Kolonaki 6 nkareliotis 5.jpg

Apartment Rigilis

Apartment Ag Paraskeui2 nkareliotis.jpg

Apartment Ag.Paraskevi Ι

Apartment Ag Paraskeui 4 nkareliotis 2.j

Apartment Ag.Paraskevi ΙΙΙ

Apartment Akadimia 2nkareliotis4.jpg

Apartment Athens Akadimia ΙΙ


House Lagonisi

Apartment Psirri nkareliotis 4.jpg

Apartment Psirri Ι

House Akropoli nkareliotis 2.jpg

House Acropoli

Apartment Mets nkareliotis 2.jpg

Apartment Mets

Apartment Neapoli nkareliotis 2.jpg

Apartment Neapoli

House Palaio Psixiko nkareliotis 10.jpg

House Palaio Psychiko

House Kastella nkareliotis 5.jpg

House Kastela 

Apartment Filothei nkareliotis 4.jpg

Apartment Filothei

Apartment Kefalari nkareliotis 4.jpg

Apartment Kefalari Ι

Maisonette Kefalari 2 nkareliotis  2.jpg

Maisonette Kefalari

Maisonette Sounio nkareliotis.jpg

Maisonette Sounio

Apartment Anavisos nkareliotis 1.jpg

Apartment Anavisos

Maisonette Lagonis nkareliotis 1.jpg

Maisonette Lagonisi

Apartment Kalithea 1 nkareliotis 1.jpg

Apartment Kallithea


mykonos nkareliotis

Maisonette Mykonos

House Mykonos nkareliotis.jpg

House Mykonos

Mykonos studio out.jpg

Studios Mykonos

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