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A Golden Visa is a permanent residence permit offered to non-European residents, investing 250.000 € and above in Greece. By this way you can travel freely in the European Schengen Zone, earn a steady passive income from your return on investment or move to Greece with your family. The process of getting a Golden Visa in Greece starts from issuing a Greek tax number, opening a bank account and deciding where you want to invest and our Company offers high services towards this direction. 

Investment advisors: 
-Help investors obtain Golden Visa, focusing on support -Propose real estate opportunities-Evaluate property opportunities (price, location, conditions)-Advise you on the relevant paperwork during the whole process-Provide after sales services-Rent out your property in Greece-Maintain your property if needed in Greece from potential wears, paying necessary bills, taxes, ensuring maximum possible yields and re-selling the property. 

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