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Your Concierge Agency in Greece, Athens & Mykonos is here to design with attention and passion your perfect stay in our country,always focusing on excellent VIP services.

N.Kareliotis&Partners has established a network of experienced partners and qualified staff,that offers exclusive Concierge services 24 hours a day.

Our clients always come first and we are proud to offer personalized services and arrange all kinds of requests,no matter what they are,ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Just click your finger and your unique tailor made experience will come true!

Luxury Accommodation
Rent a Car nkareliotis
Rent a Car
Daily Cruises nkareliotis
Daily Cruises
Private Dinners nkareliotis
Private Dinners
Event Planning nkareliotis
Event Planning
Villas Bookings
Private Jet Charter nkareliotis
Private Jet Charter
Luxury Yacht Charter nkareliotis
Luxury Yacht Charter
Restaurant Bookings nkareliotis
Restaurant Bookings
Concierge Shopping nkareliotis
Concierge Shopping
VIP Transfers
Hotel Bookings nkareliotis
Hotel Bookings
Gourmet Delivery nkareliotis
Gourmet Delivery
Health and Wellness nkareliotis
Health and Wellness
Wedding Planning nkareliotis
Wedding Planning
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